Mata Are 2013 / V1 Tahitian technique

The camera jumps around a bit but watch the Tahitian boys fly and leave some kayak’s in their wake.  You get some good snippets of technique when the camera is steady, but watch the finish of the race!

John Foti on a V1

Get you glow sticks out if you grew up with the Doof Doof in the 90’s! If you want to see what rotation looks from the front have a look at John as he cranks it out.

OC6 Downwind

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We had to put some OC6 canoes doing a downwind for a bit of balance. Take a look at these Pure Canoe promos

Kai Bartlett Maliko Run

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There is no sound with this video, but take a look at a master at work picking his line downwind.

QB The Very Important SUP Paddle Stroke – Pt. 2 With Jim Terrell

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Here is Jim Terrell showing Stroke analysis. At the end there will be an OC1, but again the stroke entry / exit and everything else is the same for OC.

2012 World Championships of Outrigger Canoe Paddling

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We didn’t want to show this on the home page it would scare most new members away! But how tough was the conditions for the women, and for the men watch the ‘Tahitian smack down!’, not my words.

How to downwind in Perth WA?

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Here is a couple of instructional videos from Indian Ocean Paddler’s, the one and only Dean Beament, legend of WA Ocean Paddling. If you are looking at The Doctor, Duel or any of the IOP organised downwind events and no matter what paddling discipline you come from there is something here for you.

Kalama 50/50 Paddle Drill for Sup and OC

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Dave demonstrates why paddling past the blade being vertical has no real advantage with his 50/50 paddle drill


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