Paddle Right

We have collated what we think is a good introduction and a go to reference guide for anyone to improve their paddling technique. Below are some video links that show a general introduction and correct technique.

So….. What is Outrigger paddling?

…if you clicked on the link and watched the video, you now know what Outrigger Canoeing is all about. Here’s another canoe paddling technique video from elite paddler and championship coach John Puakea.

Ready to dive in deeper? Here’s part two of our canoe paddling technique video with elite paddler and championship coach John Puakea. In this video, Johnny continues teaching us the importance of “The Catch”. According to Johnny, once you get your catch right and master it, then you can work on the rest of your paddle stroke, your conditioning, and your strength.

There is heaps of information and many current videos on YouTube  where you can feed your curious minds or that may be helpful to the experienced paddler. We would like to encourage you to explore what is out there. But mostly we would love you to come down for a paddle and find out firsthand why we love our sport and club!