Who are we?

Fremantle Outrigger Canoe Club INC. was formed in May 1997 making it the founding outrigger club in Western Australia.  We are a member of the Australian Outrigger Canoe Racing Association, AOCRA and  participates in all WA Zone meets plus some of the iconic events such as the Bay  to the Beach and Bridge to Bridge races with Canoeing Western Australia, CWA.

Training is conducted throughout the year at a choice of either a river or ocean location via our affiliation with both the Swan Yacht Club, (SYC) and Coogee Surf Lifesaving Club , (CSLC). This is an enviable position that most paddling clubs don’t have a choice of an established river location in East Fremantle or a brand new surf lifsaving club and facilities with CSLC.

Our canoes are launched from the south western corner of the SYC car park on Tuesday and Thursdays evenings, or from the new CSLC club house Saturday mornings.

We welcome all levels of paddlers from the complete novice to the highly experienced. If you would like to join us for a paddle please email us or ring Lorne on 0423 597 654 or Tony Morgan on  0434 659 814.

So what is Outrigger Canoeing?

If you are new to outrigger paddling or paddling in general it is hard to explain why we love this sport so much. The best way is to show you and if you still like it then give Christine a call. Here is a Hawaiian Airlines and Ocean Paddler TV promotion of the pinacle event the OC6 Moloka’i Hoe crossing from 2011. For us in Australia it would be the Hamo Cup (Hamilton Island, Queensland). Find another sport that likes to travel to tropical paradises, enjoy!



Like to fly Solo?

You just saw above an OC6 race which means outrigger canoe with six people. There are many more types of outrigger canoes, VA’A 1, OC2, VA’A3, OC4 and OC1.

So what can you do Solo?  Take a look at these French enthusiats on OC1’s as they enjoy a downwind run in the south of  France. Their paddling technique is questionable but they are having a blast as they fly the ama. By the way , WA is one of the best place on earth for this type of fun. A little thing called the Freo Doctor helps. There is even a taxi service here set up to take your canoe further upwind to return to your car, how good is that!

Are you still reading the home page? Give Lorne or Tony a call now!

Lorne: 0423 597 654

Tony: 0434 659 814

The first 6 weeks are free!