The Fremantle Outrigger Canoe Club is a small paddling club who paddle Polynesian style 6-man outrigger canoes on the Swan River and the Indian Ocean. Outrigger canoes have been around for a long time. History suggests that they were originally developed by the Austronesian speaking peoples of the islands of South East Asia for sea travel. They were used to transport these peoples both eastward to Polynesia and New Zealand and westward across the Indian Ocean as far as Madagascar.

We welcome paddlers of any age, experience and fitness level, and love to have new faces visit us and give the sport a try. Paddling is low impact, great for core strength, flexibility and fitness. It can also be extremely relaxing and meditative. The club can support those who want to paddle the canoes at whatever stage in life they are at, with any goal in mind – be it for general fitness, friendship or for competition.